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About Us

​WaCo Contracting began as a division of Professional Piping Systems LLC, created in 2016, as a means to expand the water and waste water presence of PPS and functions independently from their main operations. In 2019, WaCo spun off from PPS and became the standalone company WaCo LLC. 


The WaCo team brings invaluable skills and experience as those needed for the successful completion of a variety of projects such as water transmission main inspection and assessment, water lines emergency repair and replacement, large valve repair and replacement, as well as fire hydrant repair and manhole replacement.

WaCo’s experience will also ensure the highest level of work quality. WaCo is not a large company and, therefore, enjoys a significantly smaller overhead markup than its larger competitors. This smaller markup translates to savings and work completed at a fair price. WaCo managers with specific work experience are heavily involved in all projects. Most work is self-performed and this allows WaCo to provide QC/QA. Highly experienced employees are on-site and involved with projects at all times, virtually guaranteeing the highest quality of work is being performed.

The guiding premise which has helped WaCo be successful is the understanding that “a smaller ship moves more nimbly” and WaCo is that smaller ship.

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